Protect santiam Canyon

As we work to rebuild and recover after this season’s wildfires, we have an opportunity to protect the best of what’s left.  

If Left Alone, Forests Will Regrow

Denise’s home in Elkhorn burned to the ground. She plans to rebuild, and wants to see the forest do the same.  She is asking the State of Oregon and the Forest Service to limit the impact from tree cutting and removal.

Monument Peak

Governor Brown visited Gates, Mill City and Detroit after the fires, and pledged to support the recovery.

Does she know that her Department of Forestry is planning to cut down live trees and forever alter the Canyon’s go-to hiking, mountain biking and horse-back riding trails at Monument Peak?

Do you want to be able to enjoy these recreation areas into the future or are you ok with them being turned into tree farms?

Shellburg Falls

Shellburg Falls is the centerpiece waterfall in the small sliver of state forest along Stout Creek Canyon. A short side trail leads to a viewpoint near the base of the falls and the main trail circles behind the waterfall in a large natural grotto.  Read the full description of the area by Travel Oregon here.

Santiam Horse Camp

Santiam Horse Camp is a real gem.  Each single-track segment of the loop has its own name.  For example, there’s the Skull Creek Trail, the Pine Trail, and the Coyote Rock Trail — all named for physical features along the trail.  Other trails include the Wild Boar Trail, Rabbit Hole Trail, Finders Keepers Trail and the Radio Flyer Trail.  A complete write up on the forest is available from NW Horse Trails here.

After Fire 

We have a choice – do we want to keep our beautiful natural forests for hiking, biking and horse back riding, or do we allow them to be converted into dense tree farms?

Nature Bounces Back

This time-lapse clip shows Angel’s Rest in the Columbia River Gorge.   This area burned in the Eagle Creek Fire in 2017, and in just two years it has emerged green and full of life again. Our favorite hikes and campgrounds in the Canyon will recover quickly, if we let them.

Drinking Water Supplies 

Top experts at Oregon State University have found that post-fire tree cutting dirties water and increases water treatment costs.  

Extensive cutting of fire-scarred, but alive green trees will forever change Shellburg Falls, Monument Peak, Niagara, Stout Creek Falls.  

These recreation areas contain streams that feed into the Santiam River and provide water for downstream users.

Post-fire cutting can increase sedimentation in watersheds by 2,800%, harming fish and increasing costs to purify drinking water.

The natural process of recovery will happen if we let it.

We have already lost so much, ask Governor Brown and lawmakers to take care of the Canyon.